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Junior Tournament
August 16, 2014

Our Junior Tournament took place on Saturday, 8/16/14, at the George Ward Tennis Center. Below are pictures of some of the adults that helped with the tournament. In the left picture (from left to right) is Ms. Faye Gao, Ms. Sarita Arora, Ms. Kerensa Perkins and Ms. Krystal Echols. In the right picture (from left to right) is Coach Vila Fisher, Mr. Giuseppe Squadrito and Ms. Krystal Echols. We would also like to thank our line monitors - Galen White, Raymond Pickett, Harold McWhorter and Mr. Giuseppe Squadrito. Thank you Coach Donald Smith for donating the snacks and the drinks. Please click here to see some of our junior champions and please click here (scroll down and click on results) to see the results.



Our Mission
The James Lewis Tennis Scholarship Foundation was formed to provide scholarships to
junior tennis players; support educational and character development programs; and
support overall tennis play and tennis skills development.

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