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Junior Tournament Winners
August 17, 2013

Our junior tournament was played on Saturday, 8/17/13. The left top picture has our tournament managers (Ms. Taylor Walker (left) and Ms. Julie Curry). Our 16 and under winner and finalist (top right picture) were Raymond Pickett and Harold McWhorter respectively. The picture on the second row (left) is Ms. Julie presenting Alyandria Harrigan the award for winning the 12 and under bracket. The picture on the second row (right) has Ifeanyl Mbanugo being presented the consolation medal for the 16 and under bracket. The picture on the third row is Taylor congratulating Chinonye Mbanugo for being the finalist in the 12 and under bracket. Thanks to all the volunteers that helped make our tournament a success!!



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The James Lewis Tennis Scholarship Foundation was formed to provide scholarships to
junior tennis players; support educational and character development programs; and
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